24. november 2016 - 1 minute read

Jeg har haft fornøjelsen af at lave et digt til Christian Windfelds smukke pladeprojekt ROTUNDA:

ROTUNDA is my minimal War Suite linking some very distant wars in Danish history; WWI and recent, so called “activist foreign policy engagements” in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. From pounding Howitzers to the distant Drones.

Two compositions for the most militarized instrument in history; The Snare Drum.

Recorded inside a Rotunda, itself a giant resonating drum shell but also a WWI memorial sitting in the soft hills of the romantic landscape near sea and forrest on the outskirts of Aarhus, Denmark.
The 10″ Vinyl will be released this weekend. It also contains a poem by danish Poet Karen Marie Troldborg who has created a touching reply to the poem that is carved into the sandstone wall of the Rotunda in Aarhus. 

Out on Aarhus experimental music label: LYDHØR.
Incredible sound and artistic feed back by: Anders Ørbæk
Video and covert art by: Simon Gorm Eskildsen
Amazing drone control by: Lars Knudsen
Also a special thanks to Niels Rønsholdt for invaluable support. 

Mit digt er inspireret af Christians musik som er uhyggelig, bevægende og tankevækkende. Digtet tager udgangspunkt i Mindeparkens fire sandstens relieffer
For at læse digtet, skal du have fat i pladen. I mellemtiden kan du lytte til digtet i denne lille video: